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P4Play is an innovative European Joint Doctoral programme (EJD) that is funded by the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Programme for 2019. The P4Play team will innovate and deliver a high-level, first-rate PhD programme in the discipline of Occupational Science, in the study of play occupation

P4Play is a Partnership between the Departments of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy in University College Cork, Ireland, Lulea University, Sweden, Queen Margaret University, Scotland and ZHAW University, Switzerland

P4Play: Research Programme

The P4Play EJD will establish the first innovative trans-European Occupational Science doctoral training programme dedicated to enabling play. The outcome will be the training of a new generation of 8 early stage researchers (ESRs), who can translate and implement innovative and entrepreneurial play solutions to health and wellbeing of diverse children, families, and communities. This will help address the challenges that children face in play deprivation, the rise in psychopathology, and the lack of socio-spatial inclusion for children at risk; it will equip occupational science researchers with the tools to convert knowledge and ideas into the design and provision of services that support social inclusion.

P4Play: European Joint Doctorate

P4PLAY is a joint doctoral programme that is a collaboration between four academic and fifteen partner organisations. Partners in our consortium come from government play policy advisors, and NGO advocacy groups in addition to designers of play materials with a fundamental commitment to child participation, as part of the societal challenge of ensuring health, well-being and equality for children (UN Sustainable Goals 3 & 10). Our goal is to progress a rights-based agenda for all children at risk of play deprivation through the development of a child-centred play research programme in relation to four fundamental areas: People, Place, Policy and Practice (P4Play).

Further Information

8 Fully-funded PhD positions will be recruited to commence this new programme in September 2020.

Recruitment will commence March 2020

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If you are interested in applying, you can read more about suitability of applicants, email h.lynch@ucc.ie, j.jackson@ucc.ie or check the website at: http://p4play.eu/

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